Products We Provide

We partner with the leading products available on the Salesforce appExchange to ensure you receive the best solution for your needs.

  • If you’re a Not For Profit organisation you need to ensure you have the tools to track and nurture your constituents throughout their journey

    So regardless of your size or complexity we have a solution that will meet your needs for now and the future.

  • DonorNation

    When you choose DonorNation as your Donor Management solution, you are getting a platform capable of running your entire business.

    DonorNation includes the following modules:

    • Committees and Chapters

    • Dashboards and Reports

    • Finance

    • eCommerce

    • Fundraising

    • Private Social Community

    • Event Management

    • Member Management

    • Fonteva Platform

    The Donor Management module provides the ability to easily access and manage online and offline donations and view donor information in your member records. Using HTML format, the Email module allows you to generate and disseminate personalized e-mail communications to donors and prospects.

    Track all donations, orders, communication and more from your donors, members and prospects from the contract record. The Mailings and Communication module allows you to develop and manage various mailings and communications related to your fundraising initiatives.

  • Salesforce Not for Profit Starter Pack

    The Salesforce Non for Profit Starter Pack is a series of managed packages that sit on top of your Salesforce licenses.

    We utilise it to extend the power of Salesforce CRM with customisations that allow you to better manage individual donors out-of-the-box.

    • Manage individual donors and their donations, memberships, relationships and company affiliations

    • Create and manage Households and household giving

    • Create and manage recurring gifts and payments

  • Volunteer Management

    As more and more individuals respond to the growing needs within their communities, volunteers are giving back in record numbers. Further, many of today’s volunteers are professionals with valuable experience.

    It is more important now than ever for nonprofit organizations to find ways to manage, utilise and maximise volunteers. Salesforce provides the tools you need to efficiently recruit, track, and manage volunteers — ultimately helping you expand your capacity to meet your mission.

    We utilise the Volunteer Management and Volunteerforce apps from SalesforceLabs as the starting point and customise the apps, as required, to deliver the solution for your organisation to effectively manage your volunteer community.

  • Member Management

    Now more than ever it is necessary to ensure you have a robust solution to manage your members. The day’s of disparate systems is no longer - utilising Salesforce as the base with our selection of Member management solutions ensures you will manage your members effectively.

    Membership management software is designed to help you easily input, track and access member data from one centralised system, offering you a 360-degree view of all member activities and preferences. Run your membership-related operations more efficiently and profitably with a member management solution that works for you.

    • Get more members through your doors by listing your activities on an online community. Create and sell various types of memberships and pricing options.

    • Improve access control to all of your facilities by specifying precise entry points for each type of membership.

    • Promote customer interaction and satisfaction with customized emails, newsletters and offers.

  • MemberNation

    Grow and manage members and prospects with a member management software solution designed to allow any user to create actionable and meaningful reports with a few simple clicks. Never again rely on a vendor to create costly custom reports because you have complete control over all your business intelligence with the MemberNation member management solution.

    Key Benefits - Member Management

    Capture and view all member interactions on a single screen

    Easy to use drag-and-drop custom reporting functionality

    360-degree data view for the entire organisation


    • Segment data based on any desired criteria and make views viewable for either public or private users.
    • Track multiple addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses for individuals and organizations.
    • View members’ entire history, including membership status, event attendance, committees, orders, renewals, communication and more from a single screen.
    • Conduct electronic commerce transactions to sell products, memberships and event registrations.
    • Get a full view of your members and prospects – track interactions and correspondence with or between members and/or other organisations.
    • Set up multiple membership types and custom dues packages for individuals and organisations.
    • Establish unique benefits based on membership type.
    • Quickly add and invoice new members (and allow amount or percent discounts) from a single screen
    • Conduct mass dues renewals and membership drop processes
    • Automatically prorate dues based on join date for new members (first year prorating by month)
    • Associate memberships with your established GL codes for simplified accounting
    • Set up deferred dues schedule
    • Supports calendar year or anniversary-based dues
  • Document Generation

    Once you’ve decided on a CRM then you need to ensure you use the power of the platform to increase your effectiveness.

  • Drawloop

    Drawloop automates the creation and delivery of documents entirely within Salesforce. With Drawloop, your sales and customer service teams work only within your Salesforce environment and only with your Salesforce data to create, build, manage and store their documents.

  • Conga

    Conga Composer® makes it easy to create and deliver sophisticated documents, presentations and reports from Salesforce® by automatically populating richly-formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object. Composer enables customers to customize, streamline and scale their document generation and reporting for unlimited use cases across all organizations and industries.

  • Digital Signatures

  • Docusign

    The future of business is digital. DocuSign helps businesses of all sizes easily and securely sign, send, and manage documents in the cloud, with unmatched availability and legal enforceability.

    With DocuSign you have one account, with one login that you can access from your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Go mobile and start signing, sending and storing documents from any device and all tied back into Salesforce.

    If you have any process that generate forms and require a signature now is the time to switch to Docusign and reap the benefits of digital signatures and storage.

  • Online Training

  • Improved Apps

    You’ve got the world’s leading platform and apps but how do you ensure your team are on top of what they need to do? What if you have a new starter?

    We utilise Improved apps to embed your training and help material all within your own Salesforce instance. All the help content is also available via your mobile and tablet devices, allowing you to learn out of the office and to quickly enter critical information in the field.

    Improved apps continues to drive adoption long after the initial implementation and training is finished.