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Morphate is transforming Not for Profit organisations in Australia & New Zealand by delivering best of breed product solutions built on Salesforce platform

We deliver solutions in a cost effective and timely manner ensuring you obtain the best benefit from your investment by using the Salesforce platform.

We do not deliver bespoke solutions - we adapt the best of breed solutions from leading product companies for your needs.

Our team is there to support you on your journey from the initial conversation to delivery, implementation and beyond.

Services We Provide

We are there to support and guide you through your project to ensure your goals are achieved.

We are not simply focussed on implementing technology - we are with you from the start of your journey to ensure you achieve the maximum benefit from your investment.

Initial Workshops

It is important to scope and understand your project. We facilitate workshops to understand your processes and hurdles. Once this is understood we will provide our recommended solutions an implementation timetable. This ensures the project timeline is clear, the cost is transparent and the outcome is what you desire.

During the initial workshops, we will identify and confirm the project goals to ensure the completed project remains true to the goals which have been agreed upon throughout the project lifecycle.


We deliver functionality in stages which focus on getting you live as soon as possible. We support you throughout each stage of the project to ensure you and your team are achieving the maximum benefits from your solution.

Each stage consists of the following elements:

  • Confirm Requirements

    This is to ensure the documented requirements are still valid and any amendments are made before the stage commences

  • Build

    During this stage your solution will be configured/customised to ensure it is appropriate for your organisation.

  • Data Migration

    We will work with you to move your data from your existing systems and tools into your new solution. We typically use templates to achieve this outcome. For more complex data transformations we will work with a dedicated data partner to ensure this achieved is efficiently and in a controlled process.

  • Testing

    We will undertake system testing before handing the solution over to you for you to test. Any issues are identified and resolved and retested before launch into a live environment.

  • Training

    We utilise improved apps to embed your training and help material within your solution. This ensures every person in your team are skilled to utilise the solution from launch.

  • Launch

    We will work with your team to support launch including assisting with communications, schedule and resolving issues during launch.

  • Customer Success

    We do not leave you once you launch. You are now on a journey and need to ensure you have support available to help you maintain best practice for your processes and systems to achieve your goals.

    We have several packages which you can choose from to provide the appropriate level of support as well as consulting services for your organisation.

About Us

We have a diverse team of consultants and developers that we utilise on our projects with each member having in excess of 5 years experience in Salesforce and associated cloud technologies.

Peter Chalmers Managing Director

Peter is an experienced Senior Manager with a diverse background in Operational Management, Process and Systems Improvement, Staff Development, Mentoring and Managing and Delivering Projects across many industries including Financial Services and Not For Profits.

Peter has been involved in Salesforce implementations for over 7 years and was acknowledged as a Salesforce MVP in 2013.






Bernard Wong
Bernard Wong Senior Consultant & Developer

Bernard is a Senior Consultant and Developer with over 13 years experience providing, designing and implementing many systems, such as the Salesforce platform.

Bernard has expertise in solution architecture, technology strategy and project management. He ensures each project is delivered seamlessly from solution design to go live.

Diane Steenkamp
Diane Steenkamp Consultant

Diane is a Salesforce consultant with a strong background in Salesforce Administration, web development technologies, graphic design and marketing.

Diane is a certified Salesforce Administrator with 3 years of experience in designing and implementing solutions on the Salesforce platform, user training and testing.

Dylan Jobson
Dylan Jobson Customer Success Manager

Dylan is a former Salesforce.com Intern who transitioned into the broader Salesforce industry and has gained diverse experience using the Salesforce.com platform.

Dylan is passionate about quality customer service and focuses on driving businesses forward through the adoption of leading cloud-based technologies.

Stuart Frampton
Stuart Frampton Operations Manager

Stuart is our Operations Manager and assists with the smooth running of our business. With his arms extending over every facet of the Morphate process, he ensures our team can provide the best possible results.

With 12 years experience managing people, workflows, and the nitty-gritty, Stuart is our go-to guy for everything requiring a process and an eye for detail.

Products We Provide

We partner with the leading products available on the Salesforce appExchange to ensure you receive the best solution for your needs.

Not For Profit (NFP)

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